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guapa-wax_001.jpgOur job is to make you look and feel good by removing hair in the most gentle way possible.
The thought of waxing can make the thoughest person wince, so we are committed to your comfort.
We use only the best waxing products available and friendly service is our guarantee.


Please be assured that all of our Brazilian waxing is performed using hard wax throughout the entire treatment. Maintenance pricing is available and should be discussed with esthetician performing your waxing treatment upon arrival.


Brazilian wax 6,000yen+tax
Under arms 3,000yen+tax
Full arms 7,000yen+tax
Full legs 8,000yen+tax
Back 9,000yen+tax
Buttocks 5,000yen+tax
Upper lip 2,000yen+tax


Male waxing

Finally we dedicated to provide men's waxing services. Highly professional and utilizing the same speed waxing method we use for all of our full body waxing, you can be assured of the same quality service.
And of course we do men's Brazilian waxing!


Brazilian wax 12,000yen+tax
Under arms 4,000yen+tax
Full arms 11,000yen+tax
Full legs 12,000yen+tax
Back 13,000yen+tax
Buttocks 7,000yen+tax
Nose 2,000yen+tax


Airbrush tanning

Get a healthy sexy golden sun kissed glow in a matter of minutes that lasts on the average of 6-8 days without harmful UV rays from the sun or tanning beds.
We are offering only the best sunless beauty products and equipment in the industry.


★☆☆☆ 5,500yen+tax
★★☆☆ 6,000yen+tax
★★★☆ 10,000yen+tax
★★★★ 12,000yen+tax


Tattoo cover

Tattoo cover makeup is completely hides your tattoos by using airbrush, creates the illusion it was never there. It dries quick and is waterproof. Covers the brightest and darkest designs anywhere on the body, makes your tattoos go away for days. It's not only for tattoos but also for spots scars and stretch marks and lasting for a couple of days.


One point (5cm×5cm) 4,000yen+tax
Cigarette size (6cm×9cm) 6,000yen+tax
Postcard size 10,000yen+tax
Half back 30,000yen+tax

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